General Event Information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

The 9th IVMW and Tutorial consists of three different committees comprising of members of the JWGFVR, SAWS and UCT personnel, WMO secretariat and other international experts:


Registration and abstract submission open 12 November 2023
Abstract submission closes 19 January 2024
Abstract acceptance letters 16 February 2024
Workshop program available online 15 March 2024
Registration Closes 12 April 2024

Application Opens 12 November 2023
Application Closes 19 January 2024
Application acceptance letters 16 February 2024

Scientific Committee
  1. Barbara CASATI,(ECCC, Canada)
  2. Stephanie LANDMAN (SAWS, South Africa)
  3. Marion MITTERMAIER (Met Office, UK)
  5. Caio COELHO (CPTEC/INPE, Brazil)
  6. Chiara MARSIGLI (DWD, Germany)
  7. Raghavendra ASHRIT (NCMRWF, India)
  8. Angeline PENDEGRASS (Cornell University, USA)
  9. Ramon DE ELIA (Servicio Meteorologico National, Argentina)

Tutorial Committee
  1. Chiara MARSIGLI (DWD, Germany)
  2. Manfred DORINGER (UV, Austria)
  3. Barbara CASATI,(ECCC, Canada)
  4. Caio COELHO (CPTEC/INPE, Brazil)
  5. James BENNETT (CSIRO, Australia)
  6. Raghavendra ASHRIT (NCMRWF, India)
  7. Barb BROWN (NCAR, USA)
  8. Angeline PENDEGRASS (Cornell University, USA)
  9. Ian JOLIFFE (Exeter University, UK)